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Mr. Spence's Math Camp!!!

Purpose: To help students transition back to math classes in the fall by exposing them to a variety of areas of mathematics, reviewing the basic tools of math, and extending mathematical concepts through modeling, building, and exploring mathematical concepts.

Prerequisites: Students must be entering grades 5th-11th. Must be able to add, subtract, multiply and divide. Know multiplication tables up to 12. Non-Providence students are welcome! 


Cost: $25 per day/session (SEE DATES/TIMES BELOW). Please bring cash/check payment at the time of the session. You may pay for the full 8-day camp upfront, or pay each day. Make checks payable to Mike Spence.

Bring: Pencils, water bottle, snacks, an open mind and a respectful attitude.

Sign Up: Email Mr. Spence by July 15th to sign up for week 1:

The Camp Schedule: 9 AM - Noon

Week One

Tuesday July 19: Math Machines- functions, graphs and tables. Desmos activities. Sequences. What comes next? Games: Nim

Thursday July 21: Codes- base 10, base 2, exploding dots. Major system. Shut the box- binary mode. 

*    For those 5th and 6th graders who will be attending VBS at Orland Evangelical Free Church, please note that you can join right back up with us for week 2 of Mr. Spence’s Math Camp. We think you should go to VBS this week!

Week Two

Tuesday July 26: Probability and Simulations- counting faster, M&Ms math, dice games (Yahtzee, Risk!), Let’s Make a Deal! Automatons and the Game of Life. 

Thursday July 28: Money and Math- grocery store math, counting calories, chicken nuggets, making change. 

Week Three

August 2: Mental math tricks- Lightning Sums, 11s, 5s, doing math left to right, “short” division, guestimation (Smoots), grid multiplication, line multiplication, partial sums. 

August 4: Space day- To infinity and beyond! Flipping the mattress. Games: Dots and boxes, Dominate!. Tessellations with wax paper and crayons. 

Week Four

August 9: I Love Hexagons! Hexagonal mazes, puzzles and games. Craft: hexaflexagons. 

August 11: The Platonic Solids- Euler characteristic of dice; game- Brussels Sprouts. Craft: building your own solids, geometric nets including Johnson solids. 

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