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Mission Statement

Think biblically,

emulate Christ,

and excel to the Glory of God

Providence Christian School equips students by providing an excellent Christ-centered education to the end that they will think biblically, emulate Christ, and excel to the Glory of God. 


PCS seeks to glorify God by preparing students to effectively serve the kingdom of Christ. Our goal is to produce students who see the world from a truly biblical perspective.  Our desire is to nurture a love of learning, produce discipline in mind and heart, and equip students for their individual, God-given callings into service for His Kingdom.


To accomplish this mission, we work in partnership with parents who are nurturing their children in the truth of Christ, just as the Scriptures describe (Eph. 6:4; Prov. 22:6). We seek to challenge cultural assumptions that are anti-Christ and to promote a providential understanding of history.  It is our desire that, by God’s grace, the graduates of PCS will effectively serve the Kingdom of Christ.

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