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A Graduate's Perspective

Lauren Richter

Class of 2017

As I have gotten older, I have become more aware of the necessity of Christian
education. I attended public school until junior high; this education shaped my thinking into a
mindset that everything was about me. When I began to attend Providence Christian, my
mindset and worldview slowly shifted to understanding that everything is solely about the Lord.
I began to understand that my education was harmonious to the development of my physical,
mental, and spiritual capacities. I began to develop stronger convictions about the Lord as I
studied the various subjects through the lens of Scripture. The education at Providence was not
merely that which allowed me to develop as I did; the teachers had a significant impact on my
life as well. These godly men and women are not merely teachers, but they are influencers.
Every teacher I have had has influenced my life and they have impacted me in a way that has
spurred me on to pursue further Christlikeness through my studies of the Bible and the world that
we live in. In my opinion, Christian education is not a means to an end, but rather, it is that
which prepares us for the joy of service in this world for the glory of the Lord as we are involved
in our families, the local church, and the workplace.

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